Pushing the Possibilities
Full-Service Website Design & App Development,
Graphics & Print Design, Video Editing
RE designs can provide you with the website and tools to complement and grow your business and brand. Enjoy hassle-free, customized designs, and the speed, security, and cross-device compatibility with the latest coding techniques per industry standards. We are located in Silicon Valley, California, with clients worldwide. Yay technology!
Website & App
Recommended Platform: UltimateWB UltimateWB 
We like to design & develop websites on our DIY website builder, UltimateWB. It is great for any type of website, and it gives you the choice to maintain and manage your own website through the built-in admin panel.

Custom CodingCustom coding can be added, to make your website the best fit for your business needs.
AppsMatching Android & IOS apps built for you may utilize the same database as your website, for very easy management.
From Domain Namedomain name registration to Web Hostingweb hosting and custom email addresses, RE Designs can take care of all the setup for you.
SEO, rankingWe are known for getting first page Google results for target keywords on our websites through search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. SEO is one of the most important marketing tools, in addition to your social media presence.
Social Media PRYour website and apps can connect to your social media, to gain traction and increase visibility and reach.
Ads, Online AdvertisingRE designs can also assist in your online advertising campaigns, such as with Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
If you don't have all the graphics you need for your website or apps, we can help you out with that. We also do graphics for print media, like for flyers, business cards, or online marketing materials you may want.
For personal use, parties, or business, videos may incorporate a mix of photos and clips, woven together to tell your story.
Why Choose RE Designs
We value the importance of flexibility.
Flexibility means saving money, time, and headaches in the long run. We build websites on the UltimateWB platform so that you can continue using it even as you add more pages and features to your website. And, your website isn't tied to your web hosting - you can choose to switch web hosting and take your website with you, unlike many other platforms that force you to just use their web hosting. Moreover, you can save and backup your website files and database.
Featured Works
Here are a few customized websites we have built on the UltimateWB platform, with matching Android and IOS apps, custom graphics, and promo videos.
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